Welcome to Tarim

People said about Tarim

People said about Tarim

Its a report by CNN, you will know briefly about this blessed city…

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Forty Days and Forty Nights…In Yemen

A journey To Tarim, The City Of Light

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Cover of the Book

Tarim is the setting of a forty day Dowra (intensive course in traditional Islamic sciences) that was attended by Ethar El-Katatney in Summer 2008 for the purpose of religious learning and self development.

This photo-diary weaves together her life-changing experiences, the fascinating people that she met, the historic places she visited and a few of the pearls of wisdom that were passed onto her by the respected scholars that she was privileged enough to spend time with.

The reader is given a portrait of a place where real Islam has penetrated the heart of the people and is truly a way of life.

To get your copy from this book go to: Amazon.com

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Tarim, The City Of Light Slideshow

To watch the wonderful slideshow, Click Here

Enjoy it!

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From Tarim To Granada

The living tradition of Tarim nestled in Yemen’s Hadhramaut valley and the glorious legacy of Granada meet for the first time.

In this special documentary feature film, Habib Umar bin Hafiz travels to Spain, visiting Muslim communities in Madrid and Granada. Accompanied by journalist and commentator Fuad Nahdi and Muslims from the Spain, Yemen and the UK, From Tarim to Granada chronicles a remarkable journey.

This is the story of new communities and ancient legacies. Of enduring faith and the burden of history. Of renewing the connection between East and West. Of finding a new convivencia for our times.

To watch the whole documentary film click on: Radical Middle Way

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Why Tarim is the city of light?

It is a centre emitting the light of science and a luminous Islamic religion centre since the emergence of Islam. It was frequented by students from different parts of Yemen, and from lots of other countries.

It is worth mentioning that a meeting chaired by the minister in Hadramout on Monday discussed visions and suggestions on the activities of Tarim, the Capital of Islamic Culture 2010.

Read more on: Almotamar.net

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