Dar Al-Zahraa


Dar Alzahraa,Tarim

Dar Alzahraa,Tarim


The methodology and goals of Dar Al-Zahraa:

All praise be to Allah, Lord of the universe and may peace and blessings be upon our Beloved Prophet peace be upon Him, His family, Companions and those who tread in their blessed footsteps.

Dar Al-Zahraa is located in the heart of Tarim, and is considered to be one of the most esteemed institutions of knowledge. Specialized for woman for the studies of Islamic sciences, it is integrated with acts of worship, and specialized da’wa training by its scholars who trace their knowledge and lineage back to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him.

The establishment of Dar Al-Zahraa:

Dar Al-Zahraa was established in the Islamic year 1418 hijra (Tarim, Yemen Hadramut), since then work continued to construct a fully accommodated building which was completed and opened in 1422 hijra.

The aims of Dar Al-Zahraa:

1-To study the Islamic sciences under the direction of scholars who trace their knowledge and lineage back to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him.

2-To help purify the heart and soul, and to refine one’s character by adorning the practice and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him through spiritual wayfaring.

3-To provide appropriate da’wa tools using the methodology of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Him, entailing qualities of mercy and compassion.

Accomplishing the goals:

Dar Al-Zahraa assists in the accomplishments of its goals, by providing:

1-An Islamic setting and environment, in which time and structured to accommodate the fulfillment of Dar Al-Zahraa goals. Hours are distributed between acts of worship, attending classes and lectures, Quranic circles, litanies, independent research at its library, and da’wa missions to nearby villages and towns.

2-The curriculum:

The curriculum is divided into four divisors:

The First division includes a complete study of lessons at three different levels: Beginners, Intermediate and College.

The Second division includes the study of tajweed, tafsir, Quran memorization and other fundamental sciences.

The Third division is for studying Arabic language for non Arabic speakers.

The Fourth division is a specifically designed program for those studying for a short period of time.

Dawra – the Summer Program:

The Summer program was designed to equip and enable those with busy live with a short but intense insight into Dar Al-Zahraa. Dar Al-Zahraa’s ambition and desire is to provide sacred Islamic knowledge through designated program and curriculum lasting for a period of 40 days every year.

Dawra’s applicants are provided with full accommodation and food in return for a fixed sum fee.

13 Dawras were held since the summer of 1418 Hijri, and number of applicants were over hundreds of students.

Terms of conditions, and information about those dawras shall be announced in the right time, on the website if ALLAH wills.

For contact and registration: daralzahraa@hotmail.com

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